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male - 31 years, swinton, United Kingdom
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Aboot Me: ok so im short,i gots me girlfriend charliegh who i love to bits,i chill wit some of tha best eds you could eva wonna chill wit Big shout out to tha GHETTO G>REDGE> SHEP> CHUNK> ASH> RATT BOI THE LIL BORTHER, COONEY> NIKKI> ADAM> KATE> ROX, We chill where eva we can but most time at adams overdraugth or garret and the feild playin football, We smokes up like everyday well i used to anyway now its just whenever i can be assed, iam what people think i am if you think i an asshole ill be an asshole for you, if you think im a sweet nice guy then i can be a nice sweet guy. Drum & Bass is tha Future no dissin that, Big Respect in every asspect to the grate DJ Hype, SHY FX, Andy C, PENDULUM, an all those out there rippin tha tunes together!!!. i smoke too much, i spend too much money which i dont have, i wonna build my own website dedicated to drum & bass, graffitti and just fuckin aboot!, im now doin me modern apprentiship in business admin, which sholud be safe. thats all i guess …

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adge boulger
Date of birth
swinton (Salford)
United Kingdom
office work (Manager)
drinks, films, spliffs, chillin, my girlfriend charleigh an just gemral shit ie Drum n Bass Graffiti and causing hell
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I fancy

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Heyyyyy, How the FUCK go you work this shizzle?? Lolol, yeah I'll come and chill with you's more often :) what you been upto?
Love Mellxxx

posted by pot_noodle_melx
29 September 2006

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fuckin init mate!!!!

so yerh ppl just let yous know a bit more aboot me! if ya dont know me, right well first im me im short english/irish drunkard on weekends and during the week im just your mild mannerd office working person! :) i can be who ever you wont me to be …

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