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Saturday, 15 October 2011 at 05:42 The Anti-Aging Authority - Discover the Science of Skin Improvement


You may not recognise it, but you're included, perhaps deeply, with Man (Joseph A. Lewis II), it may seem may have never realized him! Just have a try your bathroom vanity cupboard or handbag; If its content has a product with alpha-hydroxy chemical (AHA), Idebenone, or CoffeeBerry, you're likely counting on Lewis to put your easiest face forward. Lewis sourced and launched these ingredients for a few of the skin care industries’ most innovative breakthrough anti-aging products. That's why inside the beauty industry, he's not really a chemist, he's a leader of cosmeceuticals. Lewis is actually a classic overachieving entrepreneur to learn than 30 years’ experience for a skin-care and pharmaceutical product or service formulator. That he's the beauty industrie's best kept formula, and not a name brand like many dermatologists, has less related to modesty than with his pursuit of new anti-aging solutions: acquiring new anti-aging skincare materials, often from academic labs completely unrelated to the cosmetic industry, and providing them into skin-care's substantial time. Lewis has made a business out of backing large brand anti-aging skincare products and then he is applying many of that same science to her own exclusive professional skincare brand PRIORI.

Typically the Anti-Aging Authority
The business model of Lewis and her business partner, Joseph H. DiNardo, also a master product formulator and toxicologist, will be unusual, but it's impressively successful. The two (known into a as the Joe's) dedicate years of scientific investigate, coupled with large levels of R&D dollars, to bring new anti-aging technologies on the marketplace. These top anti-aging engineering, both pharmaceutically and scientifically endorsed, have been presented in the largest dermatology meetings anywhere and in world renown peer reviewed medical newspapers.

PRIORI is the market place technology leader; developed by way of scientists (not doctors), understood as The Anti-Aging Authorities, the identical scientists that brought you AHA in 1983, Idebenone inside 2004 and CoffeeBerry in 2008.

PRIORI delivers the most advanced science and then the best anti-aging results according to proprietary patented technologies which can be simply not available through another professional skincare brand.

PRIORI stems from the Latin phrase priori so this means from cause to effect. The name superbly describes our theory in the proper treatment of epidermis aging from the country's source thereby delivering the right effect. In addition PRIORI ought to be your PRIORITY when it comes to skincare therapy.



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