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female - 25 years, my computer??, United Kingdom
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hello i'm kitty! well i'm not really, my names actually sharra! but shh! lol
ok i've never been on here before, i'm used to myspace and vampire freaks!
thankies kelcey for soting this out for me! luvz yoo!
oh yer about me .... well i'm not your average teenager, i dont follow a style as such, i'm kinda emo, goth, greebo, skater, a mixture of all things i'm screemo although most people now say i am emo *looks confused*
i'm 13, i go to charlie, i'm a vegaterian, i love to draw, listen to my music, be with the people i love, write poetry, my phone!, when i dont go over on my phone bill thats always good but never happens :) lol
yer well that's all

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sharra wing
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(6 more days)
my computer?? (Norfolk)
United Kingdom
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drawing, reading, listening to my music =] myspace, and msn
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I fancy

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woop first guestbook comment that isent asken for your msn mwhahahahahha.......i talk to much :) i blame the sugar :) :)

posted by EmoNinjarrRAWRR
3 July 2008

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erm, i'm new to this, dnt get it, dnt know what this does eiter :)
tlk to me ne one?

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