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well im charlotte. i go 2 methody and im in 3rd year... yeoo!! :) :) i dont reali no what 2 say!! erm.... well i :) :) :) i am tall and i have blue eyes! nd i love playin sports and playin wif ma best m8! luv ya's xxxxx

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swimming, basketball, hockey, netball, rugby and football
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:) wel now how can u b infinity ahead cuz wer always ten steps more n u jus CANT BEAT DAT!!!!!! wel im so sad :) dat da hair had 2 go but i jus didnt want 2 tel u dat i ARRANGED 4 DA HAIRCUT cuz i dint want 2 use ur bobbles ney more …

posted by lil_miss_amy124
11 November 2006

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Hello evry 1

hi evry 1 as u can tell im charlotte..... :) :) :) i dunno what 2 say so can u plzz leave me a comment cya xxxx

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