About me

Hi. my name is lisa
I'm Not Perfect!
In fact im the farthest thing from it
I love a lot of things
I hate a lot of things also
Im really hard to get to know
I hide stuff from everyone cuz im afraid
Not even my best friends know everything bout me
I hate it when ppl try to say they know me.
No one truely knows me. I dont even truely know me
Im a very complicated person.
But theres a lot of stuff i can tell you
I like cartoons(Im a child at <3)
I love music, its really how i express myself
That and the way i dress
I can be an ass to some people. but i can be nice to
Im a Super Weirdo! and im proud of it!
I love dieing my hair. and tryin new things
I love peircings! I dont have that many right now
But im gettin a lot when i turn 18
I want to be a tatoo artist and body peircer when im older

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United States
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Writing poetry, hanging out with friends, goin to concerts, and goin to parties
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