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  • Dedicated Server - Web Hosting Primer

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    Dedicated servers may be classified into two fundamental types - managed together with unmanaged.
    <b> About Dedicated/Private Servers </b>

    Concentrated Servers or Managed Dedicated Servers is a type of Internet Hosting where the client leases an entire Server not distributed to anyone. This is more flexible than Shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware, etc.

    Dedicated Severs usually are used for extensive Web sites which serve too many online visitors at a time. Mail Servers, Virtual Universities or extensive ECommerce Sites are samples of Dedicated Server usages. Dedicated Machines provide huge Web Room or space and BandWidth.

    If server is physically situated administration area of Web site, it is called Co-Location Server.
    <br> When a physical Server is devided to multiple Virtual Servers we will have several Virtual Private Servers(VPS). These Servers can perform greater control and performance compared to a Shared Hosting account. They come with the identical features, autonomy and functionality on the Dedicated Server, and are suitable for a wide range of tasks such as application testing/development, Domain and Internet site Resellery, high traffic Web sites or game serving.

    Dedicated Hosting Service
    <br> The user gets their own own Web server and gains full control over it (root access for Linux/administrator access with regard to Windows); However, an individual typically does not own the server.
    <br> If the server is administered within users' location, its called Co-Location Server.
    <br> Well suited for:

    o High Traffic WebSites

    o Database-intense Sites

    o Online Products Seller Sites

    Digital Private Server(VPS)
    <br> Slicing up a server into virtual servers. Each user feels like they're on their own dedicated server, but they're actually spreading a server with many other users. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) comes with a more stable, secure, and flexible hosting environment than a Shared Hosting Service.
    <br> Suitable for:

    o Resell internet site services

    o Email Solutions

    o Small internet commerce Websites
    Ever wondered how different popular sites function? The key to this answer can be a dedicated server. Such a server that's completely owned by it's user thereby avoiding all of the handling and supervision of a shared server.

    Dedicated machines span different sizes with anywhere from around one to several different remote users being on the server while doing so and what is the most effective part it is that this management services are offered by the hosting company that will "rent out" these servers for an extra fee. And if you pay a bit more you get the back up of several links in the event such that if one goes down and you are still able to have better connections often with other sites and also other computers as you have several routes available to you with the different upstream links.

    Very obvious advantage of owning a dedicated server is that it is essentially yours and you don't have to share space with others! Other being remote position, which allows you to connect and do your operate from any other computer on the globe that has connectivity to your internet. So in nutshell you benefit yourself from concentrated server by owning up-to-date model and large memory capacity that does not depend on what you have available to you wherever you will be.