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Hello, i am Matthew and if you would like to know more message me. To all my friends you mean so much to me and i could not have wished to have better friends then you. I don't mind speaking to people who are new

Lots of Love Matthew xxxxxxxxx

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Matthew Wallace
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Peterborough (Peterborough)
United Kingdom
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Shop worker (Salesperson)
Music, football, darts, going out, some tv, films
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Hi, i`m Marita and your profile looks quite charming! I`m not originally from this area, but settled here only a short while ago and therefore I don`t know anyone, as of yet. Maybe you would like to tell me something about the nightlife around here? …

posted by cerysparsons
9 May 2013

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My angel

Well i have met this girl called Katie and you know she is just so special. She makes me laugh and most of all smile when i am sad. Thank you for being here and no matter what happens we always be close. You are mine for as long as can be. You have …

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