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Im just me I wont try and be something im not just to make you happy. Im just your typical girl tbh. I love getting all dressed up and doing my hair and makeup cause those 3 seconds when he looks at you and goes wow is just amazing =]. Im obbsessed with bright things and monster munch =] . Im no longer looking for that perfect guy cause he doesnt exsist everyone has their faults. I just wanna have fun and make the most out of everything cause lets face it you only get one shot. So yeah addage pweddy pwease
msn: gina_duffy@hotmail.co.uk
myspace: myspace.com/toxicnightmarestonight
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gina Duffy
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- TurtleSquirtle:
Thanks for the picture comment :)
Was really sweet :)

not a problem gawjus :)

posted by GothiC666psycho
13 May 2011

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