About me

i'm Cassy

Music plays a big part in my life.
I own two instruments, a flute which I can play
and a Electric Guitar which I can't >.< (its a fender squire strat incase you were interested)
I wish I could play, and keep meaning to get lessons...

I LOVE anime/manga

Jrock and Visual Kei music rule... i always have it on

I make AMVs sometimes and i have them on youtube ^^
I also vlog but more for theurputoc reasons

I love Rock music of every quater pretty much

I live for online gaming :)

I can't think of what else to say
except I'm a little wacky xD


peace out chat if u wanna

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Cassy LoveToParty

United Kingdom
Native language
Visual artist/Tattoo apprentice (Artist)
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Art, Music mostly Music
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I fancy

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Hey ^^

How are you ???
I also a big Manga and Anime Fan ^^ :)

LG Stefanie

posted by AlucardS_VampirE_BridE
23 May 2009

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