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male - 23 years, Guernsey, CI (Not Brighton and Hove), United Kingdom
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Hey, i'm Andy Gibbard, but my mates call me G-Bo... :) 18. I go to the College of FE and do Performin Arts and i lurrve it, i've met so many amazin people and i love u all. i dont have a job. i like all music. i am a musician also :) check out my music --->
I am single :), but life is gud i suppose. i got good friends, a gd family and a smile on me face :)

More about me
Andy Gibbard
Date of birth
Guernsey, CI (Not Brighton and Hove) (Brighton and Hove)
United Kingdom
Native language
Musician (Student)
Looking for
  • Friendship
  • Relationship
Singing, Songwriting, Seeing My Mates
Love status
I fancy
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Hi, how r u doing?..? Ive been reading ur profile and find it very interesting.. To be honest, I kinda want to get to know more about you.. As I am usually traveling, I get the chance to meet new people all the time and I enjoy chatting with them to …

posted by tootienicole
12 October 2012

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Hi everyone.
Pllllllzzzz comment on pics. rate etc.
sign guestbook plz lol.
im bored n lonely lolz
peace out brethren

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