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female - 25 years, Gore Bay, Canada
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Hey guys!My name is Rebecca Bailey but my friends call me Becca.They also call me blonde when i have my moments (which is like around ten times a day :)).lol.I like to sing but i have major stage fright so i suck when i get up infront of :) I love to play hockey although I havn't played in a while cuz of an injury n all. I use to play net n wasn't that bad (n im not just sayin that to boost my own ego:)) I also like other sports like baseball,volleyball n basketball in that order. So yea byes'
:) :) Becca :) :)

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Rebecca Bailey
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Gore Bay (Ontario)
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in school (Student)
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singing,watchin lil cuzins,hangin with friends,hockey,baseb- all,volleyball,baske- tball,
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I fancy

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hey guys. i am so tired right now. its 1:36 am,ya it seems kinda early but not for me i've bin up for like 24 hours! i was brutaly awoken last night with a sharp pain in my knee.again!:) And i finally got my lil cuz to sleep like 39 min ago n now …

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