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Blog / None dare break but you

Thursday, 1 November 2012 at 21:08

Forget the day you met each other
Remember how the heaven bother
Forget how sweet he used to talk
Remember now the truth you spoke

Forget his body and passionate style
Remember how he crashed your smile
And think of you how real you are
And see yourself you traveled afar

Forget his charismatic charm
But never feel he bought you harm
And think of your charisma today
See successful who you are

Forget the time he hugged and kissed
And think of you the sweetie blessed
On a rail of life you've never tread
You see how high you have your head

Forget the sound of 'is handsome talk
You listen now to Creator of folk
And the all true words you listen to
You first hear, though deep in you

Forget the beauty of his colourful eyes
The color could only tell you lies
And see your truth no color can veil
How pleasant like a fairy tale

Forget his devotions of love to you
And see the ones you 're having too
That God's promise is always true
And what you do is stored for you

Forget the love you too have shared
And live it all with your new bird
That came from heav'n to take away
From ugly feelings that crossed your way

Forget the human self at all
Or take up to combine your soul
And keep your heart pious and pure
Never think of pain, if you endure

Look onward all the time
And sing your merry rhyme
No grief you hold in heart
Nor look aback or apart
And hope for what to store
And care to do it more
The store of what you do
Is always there for you
The balance you got to own
None dare break but you

With all love and blessings;
Saiid, lion of Egypt

February 7, 2009

  • 68

    SaiidSoliman_005 3 November 2012

    - chisht:
    wow Egyptian lion, :) marvellous! this is what I was expecting that you'l create smthing great :)

    Glad you like it.
    KNOW-THYSELF is the end line of self knowledge and the beginning of knowing GOD.

  • 118

    chisht 2 November 2012

    this something an ancient terminology KNOWTHYSELF. this is what I always say n emphasize -purity- the fundamental ingredient of every relation either domestic or professional!
    yeah yea yeah I'd love to read moooooooooore! hahahaha

  • 118

    chisht 2 November 2012

    wow Egyptian lion, :) marvellous! this is what I was expecting that you'l create smthing great :)

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