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male - 68 years, QUWEISNA, Egypt
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My Favourite site: dy...

I love you all.
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It is not an easy job to talk about oneself. However, I see I have to present an introduction to loggers to let know the kind of person I am.

I love nature, all people, animals, birds and trees. I love all and know well how to deal with. Wisdom is always my target, wherever it lies, I move up there to reach. A …

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Saiid Soliman
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Just Flown on your wall to wish you >>>Happy Birthday <<< Blessings love and light :) :)

posted by tektite
16 August 2013

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وحين ينحني القمر
يومئ بالفجر الجديد
وتغزل الشمس خيوطها
بصفحة الصباح
تعريقها من نسمة الصبا
ألوانها الصبابة والصِّبا

تطل من وراء أكمة الغيوب
غزالة برية
تزهو بتاج السحر في
تفاخر الحرائر
بأنها حرية .. طليقة
تسيح في طيات عالم الجمال
ومن حرير شمس الصبح تكتسي
رداؤها الصفاء والنقاء
وتشرب الأنوار في كاسات زهرة الهنا
معلنة صباحك السعيد
صباحك الفضفاض بالآمال
تذيعه البيان
من عالم البيان
إليك يا سيدتي
تحية الصباح
بالورود تزدهي
وبالعبير أنفاسٌ مزاجها الأمل


Soul-to-Soul Contact


Soul-to-Soul Contact

As far as I have found, soul-soul connection is the highest, most supreme level of all connections. Unless we are particularly aware of it, souls can contact while we are too busy to even notice a sign of this contact.

Levels of human contact:

The most remarkable connection among humans is the material connection, when two human living bodies contact (directly/ indirectly) together. This kind of contact is the commonest among all humans.


The second type of connection is the spirit-to-spirit connection. This is the first type which occurs behind the material/ physical barrier. It is, in its reality both physical and metaphysical at the same time. This spiritual contact is deeply felt by the body. In the case of two persons, being remote from one another, senses and feelings can be deeply felt. All senses are active, feeling the same thing between the two parts of this contact. Some examples of this can be seen in mother and …

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None dare break but you



Forget the day you met each other
Remember how the heaven bother
Forget how sweet he used to talk
Remember now the truth you spoke

Forget his body and passionate style
Remember how he crashed …

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