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I am a Woman Of God that loves the Lord with all of my heart!~I am very honest, open-minded & love meeting new ppl that will respect me as a Woman Of God!~U don't have 2 be saved 2 talk 2 me u just have 2 be respectful,honest & be able 2 at least acknowledge God because He acknowledges u by keeping u alive(smile)!

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thank you for your comment. it really made my day to hear that there are still women that care. one thing i know is that soon there will be church outside, and not behind 4 walls, time is coming fast but lot of people dont see it, just keep me in …

posted by tejanojoe
10 May 2007

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The Lord is my light & my salvation...whom shall i fear...the Lord is the strength of my life...of whom shall i be afraid!~Put your trust in the Lord 4 He is good...oh behold His beauty(smile)!

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