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male - 34 years, Nederland
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29 February 2012

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    peaceaeer 16 January 2013

    Hello Dear,
    I am peace, 24year never married single, tall and slim looking for humble man like you, I saw your profile and became interested in knowing more for important discussion, please reply to me via my e-mail
    (, so we know our sel..

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    monicaoneil94 9 January 2013

    Дарагі сябар,
    Мяне клічуць міс падарунак. Я спадзяюся, вы штраф і ў выдатным здароўе? Я не жанаты і ніколі не ажаніўся, я з вялікім задавальненнем, каб напісаць вам пасля прагляду вашага профілю сёння (, якія сапраўды цікавяць мяне, каб мець зносіны з вамі, калі ў вас ёсць жаданне са мной, каб мы маглі лепш пазнаць адзін аднаго і высветліць, што адбылося ў future.i будзе вельмі рады, калі вы можаце напісаць мне праз маю электронную пошту ( для простай камунікацыі, і для мяне, каб даць вам маё малюнак, калі ласка, не, т кантакце Я тут на гэтым сайце, калі ласка звяжыцеся са мной прама на мой адрас электроннай пошты (, таму яна патрапіць у рукі, што дабраслаўлёны дзень, у мяне ёсць шмат кахання, міс падарунак.
    ..................................................- ...............................
    My Dear friend,
    My name is miss gift. I Hope you are fine and in perfect Health? i am single and never married,It give me a great pleasure to write you after viewing your profile today on ( which really interest me to have communication with you, if you will have the desire with me so that we can get to know each other and see what happened in future.i will be very happy if you can write me through my email ( for easiest communication,and for me to send you my photo, Please don,t contact me here in this site, contact me directly to my email address ( so that you will reach me have a blessed day and Lots of love, Miss gift

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    cama2 28 December 2012

    hi.My name is Miss Faith, I am a nice girl, I need serious friendship with you please contact me directly to my private email for easiest communication,i have an important issue to share with you and also give my photos ( thank you.

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    fredhellen 26 December 2012

    hello dear,
    how are you today, hope you are fine? I'm miss hellen i see your profile today while i was browsing on this site
    and i will love to be your friend, and i believed that age tribe colour or distance have nothing to do with love.
    i will give you my picture's, and tell you more about myself in my next mail.

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    king_best99 22 December 2012

    Hello just came across your profile and want to leave some greetings on the wall and wish you a nice and sunny day! I like your personal profile. you are very handsome,man if you are interested in meeting me here is my contact

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    justinadavids740 21 December 2012

    Hallo Freund
    Wie geht es Ihnen heute, ich glaube dir geht es gut, liebe
    ich werde wie eine gute Beziehung mit Ihnen aufzubauen, schreiben Sie mir bitte auf meiner privaten E-Mail-justinadavids23 @ y

    Hi friend
    how are you today, i believe you are doing great, dear
    i will like to build a good relationship with you, please write to me on my private email justinadavids23@y

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    amitahamza997 20 December 2012

    My name is Amita i am a single girl.
    I saw your profile and i was satisfied with it which is why i contacted you so that we can be friends,
    My e-mail is ( Please contact me for more information about me and my photo.
    yours friend Amita Hamza

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    nhianycole 15 December 2012

    Hello my dare
    It is nice and joyful to find your profile here today,how are you,I thought is beautiful to make you a friend in this regard My name is miss Nhiany and my email isd( am a female My friends tell me that I am a quiet person with a good sense of humor, i am always fair, straightforward, honest and easy going and I seek trust worthy friendship. I believe in giving and taking on both sides and i value faithfulness.I like people for what they are and not for what they are not,please I want to be your friend, and let share whatever we have in friendship, I will Like you to write back to my Email Address so that i will explain More about me:And send to you a picture of myself,
    Return email to my id(
    Yours truly

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