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    run2run 25 April 2007


    Would you kindly check out

    And let me know what you think?

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    YoungSarah580 17 April 2007

    Hey there,

    I notice your profile and you seem really cool! I'm sure we have a
    bunch in common. Wanna add me as your friend?

    P.S. If you want you can visit me at my other network. I just started
    a new group, the address for it is

    Thanks YoungSarah580

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    Sw33t_Sacrific3 17 March 2007

    Inooo! i dont ever work out except wha 2 av 4 dinner 2nyt lol Well i didn mean my glasses 2 do tha but they av so am happy, i jus thought they wud help me c! lma do u wear specs?

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    Sw33t_Sacrific3 17 March 2007

    :) Jus watchin comic relief n perparin for an al nighter cos i aint got work 2moro - ahh bliss! lmaooo am fine jus tired, wha u up2 then?

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    Sw33t_Sacrific3 17 March 2007

    Hello :) How u? Nice pic, blue is sooo ur colour :)

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    lushious_loux 27 February 2007

    yeh u 2 i am wel bored n class wut yah up2?? w/b x x x

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