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female - 24 years, LIVI OBVII (H), United Kingdom
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Awryt Sexual People!..

Good Taste I See! As Yoo Are Visiting Thee One && Onlii Profile =]

Samantha's Thee Name.. Pimpin's Da Game!

Jus Goin To Give Yoo The Basics!..

Im From Bonnie Auld Scotland! Goin To Hopefully Go To Bath Next Year! To Do A Course & Full Time Trainin.

Trainin I Mean JUDO!.. Im A Judoo Gal Too Thee End!..

Black Belt && Not Bad At It =D. .

Currently SINGOOOO!.. (N).. But Have MY Eyes On A Verii Lucky Lad :) He Means The World Too Me!.. Yoo No Who Yoo Are :)

Yoo Want To No More Then Ask Awaii!..

Peace Out Home Dogs


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Samantha Clark
Date of birth
LIVI OBVII (H) (West Lothian)
United Kingdom
Native language
Full Time Trainin =) (Student)
JUDOOOOO (H) dancin shoppin boiz... so oan
Love status
In a relationship
I fancy

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Sex Test!..

would you!!!
1. Would you be in control?
2. Would u go slow or fast?
3. Would you wisper in my ear?
4. Would you talk dirty to me?
5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?
6. Would you say my name?
7. Would you go down on …

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