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female - 26 years, Matthew Town, Inagua., Bahamas
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*My name is Danielle D.E.R. Robinson. I am 16 years old. Attend Inagua All Age School but transfering ta C.R.Walker. I am a nice, loving, attractive, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, smart, kind, outgoing, wild, emotional, sensitive, person. I live long walk's on the beach, swimmin, goin on da beach n takin pics of myself etc. My favorite foods are junk food etc.... My favorite colours are Pink, Baby Blue, Lavendar, and Light Purple..... My favorite subjects English Language, Science, Home Ec, n Physical Education.. I love Sports such as Tennis and Track... I am wild n outgoing and I like ta have fun and Party...

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Danielle Angel
Date of birth
Matthew Town, Inagua. (Inagua)
High School Student (Student)
*Textin, Sleepin, Swimmin, Chattin on the net, Tawkn on the phone, Listenin ta music, Takin pics on the beach, Etc......
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