About Real Opinions

“Real Opinions’ is a full service market research consultancy based in Dubai with offices in London & Baghdad.

Why the name 'Real Opinions', you may ask? We wanted a name to show we truly believe in empowering everyday people with the opportunity to have their opinion heard and for our clients to not only hear but for them to understand how to act upon them. We also have a straight forward approach to work and employ industry leading experts and wordwide …

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  • Prize draws (e.g. Apple iPhone) 6 votes
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  • Online cash (e.g. PayPal) 2 votes
  • See the results 2 votes
  • Donation to charity on your behalf 2 votes


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Earn 10$ in 20 minutes without leaving your chair!

If you complete the survey that you can find on the bottom of this page, you will be instantly rewarded with a 10$ Amazon.com voucher. And you enter a prize draw to win an iphone or donate the value of it to a charity of your choice.

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