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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 at 10:02

Skin covers the most surface area of anything in your body, and forms a big part of people's first impression of you. Therefore, you need to make certain you take special care of it so it stays looking healthy and young. You can use the tips listed here to keep your skin looking great for many years into the future.

There is a great mask that you can make at home to keep your skin glowing beautifully. You would grind raw almonds together with olive oil and milk to form a semi-smooth paste. Mix in a bit of ground orange peel. Apply the paste to your face, allowing it to sit for 15 minutes. Once the time has passed, wash your face gently. With all of the paste off of your face, lightly taking an ice cube to your face will finish up the process.

Newborns are very susceptible to sunburns; therefore, it is imperative to keep them out of direct sunlight and make use of sunblock. If your baby is unfortunate enough to develop a sunburn, treat it with the application of a cool cloth, and contact a pediatrician if the sunburn is severe.

For healthy, good looking skin, avoid the tanning booth. There are far better ways to get that bronzed look. Tanning is essentially damaging your skin and can make you look older. If you think tanning will help you look younger, don't believe the hype.

If you have sensitive skin, it is important that the razor is sharp prior to commencing a shave. Your skin could get scraped, yanked, or even cut if you use a cheap razor or one dulled by much use. Razor burn, chafing, and rashes can all be caused by this. An efficient razor will smoothly run over your skin, providing a comfortable shave.

Wearing a lip balm with SPF will help protect you from sun damage. These balms also do double duty by moisturizing your lips while they protect them.

An important tip about skin care for your baby, is to be sure to keep it out of the direct sunlight for the first few months. Then use shade and sunscreen developed for babies in the following months. If a sunburn does occur, use a cold cloth to provide some relief for your baby. Immediately contact your pediatrician for other suggestions if the sunburn concerns you.

Identify your skin type so that you can choose the best products for your unique needs. If you have naturally oily skin, you do not want to be buying products that are specially formulated for dry skin types. If you're not sure what kind of skin you have, think about seeing a skincare consultant for some initial guidance.

If your skin is dry, try not to use soap. Regular soap will typically dry your skin out. It's best to find a moisturizing wash that will not only cleanse your skin but also moisturize it. Bubble bath is fun, but is better avoided because it contains harsh chemical ingredients. Instead, oatmeal body wash or bath oils will do a better job of soothing the itch and easing the dryness. Apply moisturizer after drying off.

It is important to get a full night of sleep, seven or eight hours, to have the best skin. Sleep allows your body to restore its natural balance, which contributes to the health of your skin. So rest up!

To improve the quality of your skin, try getting more alpha-hydroxy. Wines, milks, fruits and more contain these alpha-hydroxy acids. These acids break down protein bonds that can make dead skin linger. Once these bonds are severed, it becomes easier to slough it from the surface of your skin. As a result, the skin appears more radiant and healthy.

No matter what your age is, it's important to take care of your skin. While caring for you skin takes time and effort, it is essential to maintain a youthful appearance. Use the tips in this article to create your own personal beauty routine.

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