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Friday, 29 October 2010 at 09:22

Capture the truth
In the canvas of your heart
Make your emotions passionate a part
Strike the resonance into music
On the edge of the hollow copper vessel
Long,left by neglect
To be labeled wasted in every dialect!
Then hit hard with style all yours
As sounds into the environment pours
When was music parted from life
It remains with you so much like wife
Tending your needs
Feeding your imaginations .......
Music in my muse
Not much to refuse
Adds the ground for reason'
Blessing mankind to address his passion!!

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  • 45

    satrangekhwaab 3 November 2011

    very cute and honest feelings and agree with you completely....

  • 63

    Sweetskk 8 May 2011

    beautiful verses from your bottom of heart which enriches the beauty of life and enlightens us..... the resonance still lingering in my ears....

  • 57

    comebmypal 8 April 2011

    Thats a very nice poem

  • 37

    Rajanew 7 December 2010

    romba nalla irunthathu, appadeya, manasil irunthu pongi pravaakama unga unarchigil varuvathu your spl style, keep it up, yours - no Raja

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