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i know eh! wait til you see the ones of your brother at kelly's party! lol! :)

posted by Piscean_Princess
22 October 2006

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Hey ppl!
Well first, I'm a pisces...Im a sensitive poisson! lol

Ok, ok..I live in a nice little house with my fiance Morgan and my two beautiful children, Anthony and Annabelle. I love them all very much. Also, Im a housewife ppl! Im your classic, apron-wearing , cookie baking mommy...With a kick though. ; )

I'm down to earth, open-minded and I have passion for almost everything I encounter. Wether it be friendship, playing guitar or simply looking at the other words, I'm a lover of life and to me, everything is beautiful and has a purpose.

I'm really in to wicca and respect all other religions and cultures. For me, wicca is all about being in-tune with yourself and nature. I love birds, falling leaves, the smell of earth...I love the swaying trees who whisper endless messages into my soul.... I love to see the sun rays through their branches...see? See how passionate I am?

Ok..So I get along with trees...But what about ppl?
I have NEVER …

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hanging with my better half, playing my guitar, reading, writing poetry, photography, nature walks, sing in the shower..
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In love with Morgan.
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