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male - 26 years, barlow, United Kingdom
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lets see...

well im peter stanton
im a hair dresser
im in a band called re animation
im the lead singer
lol yeah im FUCKING SINGLE still
erm well lets see what else
im the smallest in my family standing at 6ft1
erm yeah i guess i work out alot
and am vain sorry :) lol
but just like what adam said to eve in the garden of eden"hell bitch you got that thang attached to yo body or am i dreaming girllll!!!" haha love it

but yeah i am religious and i wear St peters cross around my neck (no it doesnt symbolise satan)

if you want ill prove you wrong because St peter was going to be crusifide and he didnt want to get crusifide the same way as jesus because he thought he wasnt worthy of the same death as him so he got done upside down haha what a legend

but yeah because im religious doesnt mean im a virgin or my lifes with the bible hell i get drunk about 4 times a week haha and yes i smoke im sorry guy but any ways talk to me im a cool guy and wont judge …

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Peter Stanton
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barlow (North Yorkshire)
United Kingdom
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the oasis hair and beauty salon
hair dressing and make-up artest (Other)
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painting :)
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Happy B-Day :)
Have a goodun mate :)

posted by nichocb90
23 February 2012

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well lets see........

hello every 1 erm well lets see thought id write this so pay attention well lets see ive been single for about 8 months because i basically get messed about by every 1 ive liked people say things that make me feel special lyk stupid nick names and …

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