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male - 28 years, Gloucester, Australia
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    laraodion715 11 November 2013

    你好,亲爱的你是如何today.my的名字是- 劳拉小姐,我说不出我的祈祷今天我- 寻找一个值得信赖的友谊,我看到了- 的个人资料,并决定与您联系,我相- 信神有purpose.I会很高兴,如果你立即- 应我的e-mail地址(我也想告诉你更多关于我和我的照- ,请接受我的请求

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    jezzalicous 9 May 2007

    how u been ?

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    babyshayda 29 March 2007

    hey joff. what you been up to?? hey i was in town the other day but didnt know where you would be...he he he but anyways ill probly be in town the weekend after easter cause its my YAY!! you should come out and have some drinks...

    ok hope to talk to you soon

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