Deze foto is gemaakt in Spanje. In 2002 waren we daar voor een voorronde Europacup Rolstoelbasketball.

3 November 2005

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    ruth_fred 19 July 2012

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    dorris_aburey 18 July 2012

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    sweetestlove1987 27 June 2012


    ██─────██──█────- █

    ███─█─────█─███─- ██─███
    █───█─────█─█───- ────█
    ███─█──█──█─██──- █───█
    ──█─█─█─█─█─█───- ────█
    ███─██───██─███─- ██──█

    ███─███──███─███- ██───█─███
    █───█─█───█──█──- █─█──█─█──█
    ███─██────█──██─- █──█─█─█──█
    █───█─█───█──█──- █───██─█──█
    █───█──█─███─███- █────█─███

    How are you doing?
    i hope all is well
    my name is miss Nagesa. i want to be your good friend
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    Yours Nagesa.

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