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female - 54 years, Heredia, Costa Rica
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About me

I am a serious, honest, loyal, worked and a good person, I like to make friends all the world to interchance opinions and more, I love to know difference cultures, arabic culture principally. I work so much and love my work, because permit me to know new places and people. I have two child, one boy to 23 years old and one girl to 20 years old, and a beautifull grandson to 11 mounth only. I love the animals and contact nature activities. I hope to know much beauty people.

More about me
Patricia Cordero Aspiros
Date of birth
Heredia (Heredia)
Costa Rica
Native language
Agronomic Engineer (Other)
Looking for
  • Relationship
Nature contact, to know people new, listen arabic music, adventure
Love status
I fancy

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Greetings With Love,
How are you and how is your work? i hope that all is well with you, My name is mr Godwin. i know that you may be surprise how i get your profile, i got your profile today when i was browsing looking for honest partner,then i …

posted by clalove
28 September 2012

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