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  • Of Baptists and Mormons

    I mentioned I no longer attended church solutions in Toledo, but if I did it would be on the same day as Jesus Christ worshiped - the seventh day Sabbath.

    I mentioned how Protestants are nevertheless bowing down to Rome, to the pagan popes and Constantine, and not following Jesus' instance. She asked if she could at least leave me a Bible tract she had in hand. When I saw it talked about going to Heaven, I asked them why they were spreading such religious lies - that the Bible under no circumstances provides Heaven as the reward of the saved, but that Jesus clearly stated "the meek shall inherit the Earth."

    I stated everybody has at least heard that Scripture, and they agreed. I mentioned the Bible says no such thing about going to Heaven. The other girl piped up and said it did. I asked her if she would please show me then. She sort of stomped following to me and turned to a Scripture in which it states we've all fallen quick of the glory of God and are sinners, and I stated, "Yes, that's correct, but nowhere does it say something about going to Heaven." She then turned to another Scripture that also mentions our sinful state and I again said, "Yes, but that says practically nothing about going to Heaven." She appeared flustered and spouted, "But they display us how to get to Heaven." And I disagreed.

    I asked them to ask their minister why they're telling men and women they go to Heaven when Jesus taught "the meek shall inherit the Earth." I encouraged them to find out what the Bible truly teaches. They virtually ran off the porch, and the fellows next door - nobody answered there - who had been listening, mentioned, "You have a nice day!" I said, "I'm not your enemy. Don't be afraid of the truth - let it set you no cost. Tell your minister Jesus Christ stated "the meek shall inherit the Earth."

    They reminded of these old dolls or toys where you pull the string and they have a number of recorded messages, like - "I enjoy you!" When I broke their spell, they were at a loss and confused, the truth didn't compute with their standard way of thinking. I hope they can discover the truth about staying born once more and Heaven and Hell. I've prayed for them, due to the fact I deeply appreciate how God started teaching me truths when I was a teenager.

    Then a week or so later, several Mormon fellows stopped just as I was obtaining ready to go on a bike ride. They had been also dressed nicely, with their white shirts and ties and dress pants. One "elder" was from the state of Washington and the other "elder" (both had been significantly younger than me) was from Arizona. I asked if people in their states didn't will need to hear what they had to say. They essentially stated they had a lot of Mormons out there.

    I talked about how I agreed we're the so-called "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel," but that due to the fact they supposedly know that, it's all the a lot more reason they shouldn't be maintaining pagan holidays pretending to be Christian and Sunday as an alternative of the seventh day Sabbath and biblical festivals that Jesus Christ and the Church of God kept and hold (which portray God's strategy of salvation for all mankind). They feel to get paid for church service is priest craft and according to the Bible that is not how Christ would do factors. , ,