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male - 31 years, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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My name is Abdullah al falasi.I am a UAE citizen.I work in dubai as a assist marketing manager.I am simple honest and caring.I like music,football and making friends.I am looking for a female partner who is sincere simple and honest.I want someone who is content with what they have despite what it is as long as it makes them happy.I believe in the perfection of GOD and know that man is not perfect as perfection is of GOD alone.I also believe that two are better than one as long as they both understand themselves,and are sincere to each other,love each other and remain truthful to each other.I know that my true woman is somewhere out there and am willing to meet her and love her for who she is despite her race,color or believe. :)

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3abadi AL FaLaSi
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(24 more days)
Dubai (Dubai)
United Arab Emirates
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Assist Marketing Manager (Student)
internet & education & playing PS3
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- 7amOoOdi:
كل عـــــــــــــام وأنت بخيررر :)

وانت ابخييييييــــــــ- ــــــر

posted by Out__Of_Reach
7 January 2010

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hii ^_^

would u like to be friend....

mmm... i'm looking about that so i will happly to accept my blog ...

keep u smily 4 ever .. have a naice day ..

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