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  • PS3 Won't Read Disc Fix - Tips to Fix Your PS3 Disc Problem

    It may end up too scratched up, on the wrong region - [many discs are locked towards a certain region and will never play on a procedure in another region], etc.

    If your PS3 isn't going to read any disc, try turning it on and off again - Place the application in standby mode (when the item shows the red light) and flip the activate the back, or in case it is a slim place them in standby mode in addition to unplug it. Wait several minutes and turn the application back on again.

    Unfortunately if that doesn't work try resetting perhaps it will fix the PS3. Press and retain the power button for 5 seconds and soon you hear 2 beeps. This may reset the PS3's controls.

    If your PS3 is not going to read disc still next the lens may be grubby. You can fix this by obtaining a lens cleaner. Most electronic stores sell them. Follow the instructions around the lens cleaner.

    However if your main PS3 will not go through disc, then you use a more major problem. For you to fix your PS3 you might either have to mail your PS3 to Sony just for repairs, or get a great PS3 repair guide and repair it yourself.

    If your PS3 continues to under warranty, then To get the cheapest that you send them to Sony for repairs since you will void your warranty if you open your PS3.

    However but if your warranty has expired, the fastest and cheapest option to get your PS3 working again is to acquire a good, step-by-step PS3 repair guide and repair it yourself. You see, in the event you were to send it all to Sony, they will charge most people around $150 and it will have a 4-6 week wait for getting your PS3 back, or you will have a refurbished unit. Good repair guides charges downwards of $75 and provides 1 hour fixes so that you could get back to using your PS3 at once.
    Your own PS3 is broke so you can't play games, I know the pain. PS3 repairs from home sounds like a time consuming task, but it doe not ought to be. All you need is without a doubt some basic tools and a good guide and will also be on your way to playing immediately. As you read this entire article you are likely to discover the basic tools you are going to need to fix almost any problem one can have.

    First you are going to need screw drivers. Flat face, philips head, and torx. I would suggest getting small screwdrivers, the ones at your local do it yourself shop are probably preparing to be too big. The screws inside the PS3 are tiny which enable it to easily fall, for this difficulty you should get your screw grabber. It is a small pen-looking thing that only has a push button on them. When you push this button a claw comes out and will also be able to grab any kind of screw that falls in which your fingers can't reach.

    Second, you are should retain some sort of ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) cover.