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female - 33 years, دار الظبي, United Arab Emirates
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About me

:) ALo0oHa !!

this is Me :) MuNaTi :) and here is a breif info abt Me!! :)

iM a Mo0oDy Mo0oD plays a big role in ma life which is something botherin me little .. ((workin on changin it))

iM a :) im a person who love's :) givin love to other ppl and make them feel how much so i care ..

im a GooD friend tooo :) HeLp U EvEr,HuRt U NeVeR :) and ppl always depend on me .. in manythings ..

:) WuT Els ?!!

:) :) i love :) :) -> everything relate to MuZi'C !! Art .. Design and relation's ... and i do enjoy making friends all over this world ...

:) :) i HaTe :) :) ->bein hurted from ppl .. and i have bein a trouble maker !!((exception->im a trouble maker wen im in the mood just to make you smile !! :) ) and i dnt like to see two couples havin fight'z it really breaks ma heart :) ..

seems that im mostly effected by the emotional stuff .. …

More about me
MuNaTi AL-FaLaSsi
Date of birth
دار الظبي (Abu Dhabi)
United Arab Emirates
Native language
Media (Student)
Singing,playin on musical instruments,painting- ,Designing and much more!
Love status
I'm not telling you anything

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long time no see ^_^ :)

posted by wild_AD
1 June 2012

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:) البسمـــــــــــة

البسمه عنوان الرقه والذوق السليم فأجعلوها ملازمه لكم

ابتسم عند المصافحه .... واللقاء ... الوداع


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