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female - 23 years, England--Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
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•Mia ;]
•Bit of a retard..:)
•Acts like a 3yr old tbh
•Immature and childish..
•Bit addicted to Dora the explorer..:)
->Tbh im prolly the most retarded person on here,but im well nice when you get to know me.:)

->Im prolly not as pretty or as skinny as you,im prolly way smaller and louder but tbh i cant really help it can i?

->Im a special princess.:)

->My friends mean the world to me even if i dont see some as much as others your all special.:):)

->Im immature and tbh i act like a complete fanny most of the time. :)

•|Dora the explorer|•
•|Skinny jeans|•
•|Hello kitty|•
•|Gloomy bear|•


  • Art
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  • Friends
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  • Shopping
  • Internet
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Mobile phones
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