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Inroducin the one and onli... ....Pяincзss κзяяч<3;;*....

M S И -Ч Э A Ħ ;;
ask me :)
P I C Z Ø -A Ħ A ;;

[[["the only boy who deserves you
is the one who thinks he doesnt" ♥]]]

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it is very SEXUAL

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happy b-day

posted by lopes_angelo
22 October 2013

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:)sexxy bumm:)

Truthh-- [DONT] judge ppl before you no themm
♦ I wear make up ----> so im a plastic
♦ I speak my mind ----> so im a bitch
♦ I cry ----> so im an attention seeker
♦ I get depressed ----> so im suicidal
♦ I …

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