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female - 25 years, Lawrenceville, United States
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Wassup facebox!!!!!!!! Teassa is da name, yep yep, ya already kno!!!!!! Lets see where do i begin????? I must start off by sayin im da coolest person u will eva meet so brace ya self!!!! I was born in Phoenix but raised in da A!! Im a half breed, a mut, wateva u wanna call it! Im 5'0 n' Im mixed wit mexican n' black n' no i aint no wetback!! I stay fresh 2 def 4rm head 2 toe, most people say im cocky or conceited but im just confident n' gotta a reason 2 be as u can see!!I love partyin, hangin wit my folks, shoppin (gotta stay fresh). My HATERS are my biggest support group cus yall just motivate me 2 keep doin wat i do n' do it betta!! Thanks 2 all my FANS! Im as real as it gets and i will tell it lyke is, so if u dont wanna hear da truth then dont ask me! If theres n e thing else u need 2 kno holla at ya gurl!! N e ways enjoy ma page!!!!!!

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Teassa Williams
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Lawrenceville (Georgia)
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hello i saw tht it is your birthday today and i just had to stop by and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! may ur day be full of love, joy, happiness, hugs and kissed. may god continue to bless you to see many more...

posted by skitab5201
6 July 2011

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