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male - 29 years, Bristol, United Kingdom
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About me

Im pretty much the person you love, the one youve been looking for, best friend material .... or maybe you think im a complete idiot, either way, HI!

I go to Aber uni in Wales, its ace, so many cool kids there and fun times, still in my freshers year.

I play the bass and im starting a band in uni, ain't got a name yet but beware we will be taking over your ears sooner than later!! MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

x x

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Jimbo Davis
Date of birth
Bristol (Bristol, City of)
United Kingdom
Media and Communication (Student)
playing the bass
Love status
I fancy

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interesting choice of outfit with the bikini!

posted by DaFlurge
19 December 2006

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Hello for the first time

Hey, hmm, face book, i got a myspace account (yes im that cool) but everyone has been saying this place is better, first imopressions arent that great.

Im a students at Aber uni (Wales) studying Mediated Communication, its actually pretty fun. …

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