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Monday, 4 December 2006 at 22:49

ask me anything you want and i promise i'll answer honestly!!



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  • 29

    LisaK88 4 December 2006

    so do u have a question for me scaffman ? lol

  • 29

    LisaK88 4 December 2006

    i'm not officially single at present :)

  • 52

    scaffman 4 December 2006

    Hi, there.

    To ask is to pry.
    To pry is to want.
    To want is to have.
    So if you dont want, then dont ask,, Lol.

    Hey, nice topic,,,,.

  • 34

    olgreeneyes 4 December 2006

    so how long u been single? jusy curious coz ur a bit of a stunner :) x

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