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female - 23 years, United Kingdom
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10 March 2012

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  • 44

    TaeKwenDo2013 25 December 2012

    hello merry christmas

  • 23

    endowedlious 6 May 2012

    Hello with love.
    My name is cyprian,i saw your profile today and
    became intrested
    in you,i will also like to know more about you,..I don't believe distance n colour is any thing to worry about wen true love is there.. I believe all dat mata in live is true love, happiness. Trust, honest n understanding. Pls contact me on my So dat I can tel u more about me n knw u too

  • 24

    JOJO_LUVS_U 1 May 2012

    i thought i recognised that face :) xx

  • 24

    JosephClarke 21 March 2012


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