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Saturday, 12 May 2012 at 11:22

A Portable DVD Player Will Allow You To Enjoy Those Long Vehicle Trips

If you have ever been on a lengthy car trip with your kids in the back seat you know how irritating it can be. When the children are in the back seat and they have absolutely nothing to keep them busy they will continue to bother you. And when you have two or three kids in the backseat, this only servers to make you much more irritated. Now when you have one of those portable DVD players, you will see that your kids will end up being a lot more silent. And it's also because of this that we have decided to introduce the Philips PET741B/37 Portable DVD Player with 7-Inch LCD, which can help you on those trips.

By having a portable DVD player you will be able to bring it along with you anywhere to help keep individuals occupied. Of course, this is precisely what makes this such a good choice for individuals who take regular long trips in the car. And while you can use the battery to watch movies with, this device also comes with a vehicle charger that you can use to power the device. The best thing concerning this is that your children will be able to watch movies without draining the batteries on the product and end up being bored to death again. Because you can just plug it into a power source or cigarette lighter in your vehicle will mean that your kids will always have something to watch.

Something else that is nice about this player is you will even be able to hook it up to a regular TV. I am certain you've been stuck in a hotel room at least one time since it wouldn't stop raining. Providing you bring enough videos with you, you will not have to worry about your young children bothering you every 5 minutes telling you that they are bored. This is a fantastic way to be sure that your kids have something to do besides bother you.

Something that some individuals don't like about the product is that on a few of the units, in time the battery will only be able to play for about forty five minutes. This makes this a poor option if you want to take it on a backpacking trip or somewhere else where you will be unable to plug it in to a wall or a vehicle power source. Although with that said, most men and women always have a place to plug it in at, so this will not be an issue.

One more thing you will find out is the fact that in comparison with other units this is a great deal cheaper. You can order this unit through Amazon for just $69.72, which is in fact $20 off of the market price of the unit. And if you wished to get the carrying case that is intended for the device you will be able to get that through Amazon as well. To put it briefly this is a great unit to use in a car for those long trips, and you will end up thanking yourself.

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