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  • Tell me

    Help me understand
    Why you dont love me no more?
    Have I done something wrong?
    Or have you fallen for someone else?
    Please dont tell me you have
    Coz I love you with all my heart
    I will never give you up without a fight

    Help me understand
    Are you in love with me or are you not?
    My heart is aching me
    Tell me
    As soon as you can
    Before I look at this floor
    In which I shall land

    Baby please just tell me
    How you're feeling about me
    Cant take the pain no more

    Tell me....(T_T)....Please.


    Hold me
    When you look in my eyes
    What do you see?
    Do you see the ocean?
    Or do you see the sea?

    Can you see my emotions?
    Can you feel my pain?
    Or do you see my eyes
    Flicker again and again?

    When you put your hands on my heart
    What do you feel?
    Do you feel the love that I feel?
    Or do you feel the pain that I feel?

    Do feel my distress?
    Do you feel my happiness?
    Do you feel my strength?
    Do you feel you?


    When you hold me
    What do you feel?
    Do you feel loved?
    Or do u feel trusted?

    Do you feel the love I have for you?
    Can you feel the connection?
    Can you feel the warmth?
    Do feel me?

    When you look at me
    What do you see?
    Someone you love
    Or someone you trust.

    I hope you see
    What you have is special
    And never let go
    Because I know you love me so
    We are meant to be together...FOREVER.

    [/b] :)


    :) If I was alone with you
    What would you say?
    Hey, you alright?
    How was your day?

    Would you ask me how I feel?
    If my heart is okay?
    If I love you
    In any kind of way.

    Would you hug me
    Or touch me to make me smile?
    Or would you just sit there and stare
    Only for a while?

    Would you walk away
    If I started to cry?
    Or would you comfort me
    And ask me why?

    See a guy like this
    Is what girls love
    So if you are the one
    Don't escape our love.


    If love is so great
    Then why does it hurt so bad
    I'm wishing you were here
    The lover i never had

    I've known you for months now
    And our friendship has grew
    We've had fun times
    Yes, it's true

    But from the start of the year
    My love for you is out of control
    Each day that I see you
    You're in my mind and soul

    Each night before I sleep
    I think about you
    And think about all the things
    That we used to do

    I hate that I love you
    But I cant control myself at all
    I take steps forward
    Yet I step back and fall

    Your the one I love in my heart
    Yet you make me cry
    And I think in my head
    All night WHY WHY WHY

    I still love you
    With my mind and soul
    But you will never love me
    And complete me as a whole

    I'm still sitting here thinking
    About the things we used to do
    Knowing deep in my heart
    My dream will never come true

    By Laylah Thomas ©