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  • The CycoCycle Makes An Awesome Holiday Present!

    Must have CycoCycle, need CycoCycle, please get me toys. That is what my 10 year old keeps telling me everyday. So finally today I broke down and got her one and was it the big hit. She has been on it for almost 2 days straight. Basically, it is a folding tricycle with no handlebars that rides like a unicycle. I know, right? Like, huh? But, amazingly it is very simple to ride and within an hour or two you can easily be doing tricks. And the construction isn't cheap either, this one will last your kids for more than a few seasons. I found it on sale here Shipped fast from Amazon.

  • The CycoCycle Makes An Awesome Holiday Present!

    Tired of getting your children the same old toys for Christmas each year? Has it become almost predictable? Well, then check out psycho cycle. This is sure to be the most awesome gift ever. A sturdy 20" inch steel folding steel frame make storage a breeze. The amount tricks that can be done on this cyco bike are amazing! 360 wheel spins and tail whips provide endless hours of combos. CycoCycle is on SALE now! Read more about it here