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  • Bored

    Yeah I am majourly bored right now and feel like talking to some new people so yeah whoever you are feel free to comment me, i`l reply to any one :)
    Completly run out of credits now that sucks!
    If I make a new account will I get more ?

  • summer days

    Are sooo boring when you have nothing to doo!
    I hate having them, and ive got one now...and am being way too lazy to phone ne one.
    So Im thinking speeking to some new people would be good :)
    sign my guestbook or photos or something please :)

  • Gatecrasher

    Was pretty darn sick !
    I live 10 minutes away from where it was held and met 2 randomers and they gave me and my mate free weekend tickets how awsum was that ??
    One of the best weekends ever :)
    Anyone else go down then ???

  • New...

    Yeah i put a couple of new photos up
    commments would be good !
    Il reply to anyone nice :)
    Or add me !
    do what ya like i feel like a good chat yeah :)

  • Wtf

    Is with the weather ???
    Snowing yesterday now its BBQ weather !
    Only England xD
    why am i complaining haha
    yeah im bored obv im writing about friken weather lol
    commentos ?
    addage ?
    tis all good

  • Party

    Last night i had the best party ever :)
    was sooo goood my house got completly fucked over and my bedroom door now has a hole through it lol
    Was just a bit epic !
    still recovering :)
    so yeah chattage ne 1 ?

  • So...

    Ive got a couple of new photos up !commments would be epic !
    il return to all yeah :)

  • hahaha

    my last blog got flagged as inapropriate LOL
    apparntly i was trying to recruit hahahhahaa
    so yeah any one wanna chat ?
    pic comments would be goood !
    addage please =]

  • URM

    im ober bored !
    pic comments would be goood !

  • help

    how do u take the trust setting off of pictures ??
    i just put a new one up but no1 can c it ?
    pointless much !
    can ne 1 help ??

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