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Thursday, 6 October 2011 at 22:43

I have heard numerous people who are new to writing online, website hosting and ecommerce ask: What is SEO? It is a basic question, for sure, but a very fundamental and important one, and one that is worth me answering in some detail. First of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the name used for a collection of techniques designed to improve the performance of websites, posts, and blogs in search engine results, the ideal being to get your post, website, or blog at the number one slot on page one of the search engine results, when internet users search for a specific topic area or product that you cover. Most of SEO focuses on the Google Search Engine in particular, as Google is more widely used than the other search engines, certainly in theUSAand the English speaking world.

This article essential aims to introduce people new to SEO to some of the basic concepts of SEO and provide links to articles which give more details on techniques that can be employed to increase internet traffic to a particular website, blog, or post by improving the post or website's position in Google search engine rankings. It is meant to be more of a sampler than a comprehensive course, but does link to more information for those people interested in pursuing SEO more. There are numerous ways to search for succeesful keyword to target your pages to and one which I have found very effective in delivering the right results is , it is well worth investing the small amount to ensure you have all the required information.

Why use SEO?

There are different sorts of internet traffic that provides views for your posts, websites, and blogs. Some people might come to your blog by typing the url of your website into the address bar on their browser. Others might come to your site by clicking on a link to it. The most valuable internet traffic is known as -organic traffic-. This is traffic that arrives at your site via search engines, for instance. This type of traffic is especially valued because once set up, the traffic will flow to your website with little or no extra effort. The traffic can also often increase in size over time too. On top of that, if you use adverts on your post or website, people arrivinf at your post or website, are more likely to click on your ads than other groups or people, such as regular followers of a blog you write, for instance. SEO is specifically aimed at helping to increase internet traffic of an organic type.

Keyword research and the Google Keyword Tool

One way that SEO works is by making sure that effective keywords are being used on posts, websites and blogs. Without good keyword usage, no website will do well with the Google search engine, or any other search engine, for that matter. One of the most effective ways of finding the best keywords to use is by using the Google Keyword Tool. This free device will tell you which keywords are the most lucrative, which keywords are the most searched for, and which keywords are the most competed over. You can find out more about the Google Keyword Tool at my article: Simple SEO tips 3: How to use Google Keywords Tool to find good keywords.

Domains, URLs and titles

The domain name of your website and the url of the post can also effect how visible your post or website is to the Google Search Engine. The title of the post or article is also particularly important. Basically you want your main keyword or keywords to appear in the domain name, url, post title, and body of your text as much as possible, within reason. Generally speaking, if you want to have maximum SEO, it helps if you plan around it from the very start of your website endeavors, creating a website, domain name and subject area that you know will have good SEO.

Backlinks and interlinking

Another main area that you need to get right in terms of SEO is backlinks. Backlinks are links on other websites that link to your post or website. As well as potentially providing direct internet traffic to your website, backlinks serve another purpose which in terms of SEO can be much more important. You should create as many backlinks to your posts and website, as possible. I tell you how in my article: Simple SEO tips 2: How to get backlinks. You should also link your posts together with each other, where appropriate.

Promoting your website or post

Promoting your website or post through other means can also help your overall SEO. As well as getting your material and name out there, people will often backlink to your article, or email a link to their friends. The social bookmarking and social media networks can be great places for promoting your work.



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