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male - 26 years, Norf West London, United Kingdom
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Well so much bout mee well im 14 :) Nearly 15 :) December 13th i go 2 Nicholas Breakspear in St.Albans HEAVY SKOOL!!! :) Got Nuff Brehzz N Gyallieess Ima Nigerian n PROUD!!! I luv mah food u gotta know init
:) I luv Musik (Grime,RnB,Rap) Bare init Well N im Reppin Norf Weezziiee Pap Pap (LONDON) Lol

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Norf West London (London, City of)
United Kingdom
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Businessman (Student)
Gyals,Sport,Fam,Frie- nds
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I'm on my way...

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i no ent spoken 2 in tyyyyyyyyyyymmmmmmmeeee :)
I'm gud thnx, skoolz dry as usual itz all bowt da weekendz.Enywayz how u bin?
ill speak 2 u soon yh ma fones mash up @ da mo so wen itz sorted ill chat 2 u.
take care!!

posted by lady_Afeezy
9 October 2006

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Well , Dis weekend im goin out wit sum brehs (P-MonĀ£y,Mad Dawg) :) we gunna go n do sum retail therapy init :) hehe yeh n den on sunday ima do all my homework n have my tutor init :) Lol but mah tutor nuff safe Neways Bless

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