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    huanghuijie 6 December 2012

    Outbreak Communications - variant rabies (reference to all the blogs, photos) y

    Monster Chinese society is changing, humans suffer (human beast cattle dog hybrid monster) variant rabies and mad cow disease virus cross-infection, the direction of the length to the dog, the variation dwarf degradation

    Viruses like HIV infection, contagious and hereditary.

    Breeding to the third generation, cattle and dog show terrible, mostly as a dwarf, skeletal growth casually (uncoordinated), disability caused by brain damage, mental and psychological disorders, and so on variation,

    Simple difference, secretion of cows and dogs smell, the growth of the "sharp" dog teeth, sexual intercourse semen, the odor of stinky squid (not human "almond" smell), and so variation symptoms.

    Human monster Chinese Communist Party the hybrid regime forces and EEG wave radar set too many unstable factors and distress.

    For example: the cult of Falun Gong practitioners, the chemical class of drugs flooded (secretion strange "base" odor), a large area of ​​delivery cancer virus, the human female reproductive mother and dog sex become routine, the 9.11 tragedy in the United States, spiritual and mental illness skyrocketed examples is the chemical and biological warfare and disability war. "

    Chemical class of drugs, flooded (secretion strange "alkali" smell, devour the chemical class of drugs, skin color "red" state. Drug addiction, skin the color of the "white mist" state)

    Radar EEG brain waves with wave-type reaction to generate the same principle. Brain waves (monster called: ideas), when people do a particular job, their brain waves are specific, such as: mental drive and control. Said: secret weapon, nerve weapons.

    Attracted by the external surface of things,

    Leading to the extinction of humanity!

    黃慧傑.龍香(姬昌) Jack.H

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    margs08 8 November 2010

    oi jezza we gotta catchup txt me man 0432892710

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    margs08 22 June 2010

    jeza...missin ya ... hows ur bday (L)margs

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