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Monday, 23 April 2012 at 14:25

It's no surprise which web surfers are demanding "take everyone to Google" as Google have finally improved their google search to incorporate but not just web pages but also video and image sources to improve the user experience and provide more accurate outcomes.

You may be using Google and people search or even attempting to find a Google top placement on your own website but the simple fact remains that Google are the number one search engine because of their unique marketing campaigns and embracing modern technology to connect while using the internet.

Even teachers in Higher education are encouraging young people to ask "take people to Google" for a recent visit to mine children's parents night time highlighted the amazing power in the Google brand since their computer room had posters on the wall simply proclaiming "http: //www. yahoo. com"

Just think about that to get a minute, how powerful is that if even the higher education are trusting Google to display suitable results for the children!

Quite possibly my local library have embraced this "take me to Google" idea for the reason that default home web site is Google which just as before highlights the trust with a major educational outlet which is duplicated by a lot of it's consumers not surprisingly.

Interesting times lie ahead in the battle for google search dominance as Charge Gates invests seriously in MSN live search technology and also other social networking markets emerge but Google will inevitably be watching closely with more products planned to maintain the trust they enjoy from several market areas.
When I started out my career as an SEO consultant, I was committed to offering clients some sort of White Hat, ethical SEO service. I saw accomplishment, and customers were understandably happy.

I first found your SEO scams that are prevalent across some of the more unsavoury portions of the industry. I'm not conversing grey or black hat techniques that sometimes pay the balance of for clients. No, what I found for the very first time all those issue were scams that will take the profit of hard working people and give nothing back in return.

That's why I assembled a Scam Help for my clients. Here are two with the scams that I find crop up on a regular basis.

Scam 1: Guaranteed Rankings

When i first found that scam, I had been shocked. SEOs have to be up front using clients that as the major search engines are third people, and that we rely on them to calculate rankings.

Visualize my horror when i first found that scam SEO companies were guaranteeing listings! Telling clients which "they had exclusive rights to page one listings, and therefore a space has just become available for a keyword".

This is among the most worst scams, as anyone who doesn't have a clue how SEO works finds it very difficult to pass in place. The only way to beat this scam is to be open with people, show them how search engine listings work and that there is no guarantees in SEO - other than an SEO consultant's guarantee to work as hard because they can for their clients.

Scam 2: The Insider Hoax

I'll admit it.

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