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I am 14 years old living with a friend.(not my boyfriend!!! :) ) I love anything that has to do with My Chemical Romance:) , Anime :) ,Cons :) ,and COSPLAY!!!!

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Harley Greco
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(8 more days)
Home (Texas)
United States
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voice actrecss(i wish)/office manager at ADV Films (Student)
Anything that involves paper and a pencil. Or Making costumes for cosplay
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hello love the profile
long live anime tehehe
anyways come and visit me some time
bye bye

posted by oatmeal_eatmeBETCH
3 March 2007

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OMG> im so pissed

:) ok when you tell someone that you want to hang out doesn't it make since when they call you and ask how to get into your gate to tell them you dont want to hang out. well get this I got up this morning and called my friend to ask if she wanted …

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