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    anitarice 4 May 2013

    Hi, i`m Marita and your profile looks quite charming! I`m not originally from this area, but settled here only a short while ago and therefore I don`t know anyone, as of yet. Maybe you would like to tell me something about the nightlife around here? I’ve been single for 1 year now and i`m looking for new friends and for more too, of course. :) If you like we can maybe meet up for a cup of coffee or you show me some interesting areas around town? Unfortunately, i`m not registered over here, it`s the account of a close friend of mine, but you will find details and images about me at lovershearts dot net where you can chat with me for free too, i`m waiting over there, ok? So, if you like you can drop me a message over there, simply search for my profile name Marita1 over there, ok? Cheers! Marita

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    Mariah_Chris 4 November 2012

    Hello, nice but still unknown guy,

    My name is Monique, i am 24 years old, single, work for a travel agency and my hobbies are going out, to wine and dine and of course, traveling.
    Unfortunately, i have been alone for at least a year now and my girlfriend told me to do something about that. She said, “to get online and to try my luck.”
    And that’s how i found you. If you feel like knowing me better, i would be so happy to hear from you. Just checking out to see what might happen.
    Sadly, i am not registered here and like i said, i am writing to you with my girlfriend’s account. At the same time, i don`t like to be registered on many different chats.
    You will be able to see me on the website just look for Moniquein the nickname search, there is only one. In addition you will be able to see more images of me over there.
    I`m looking forward to it and hopefully until later.



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    lovelife4ucare 21 June 2012

    i am cynthia
    i love ur profile
    please contact me
    here in my private
    email ok
    (cynthia_nelson88@yahoo com)

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    Hot_Minx 23 March 2009

    Hiya hun,

    Just thought i'd stop by n wish u a very Happy Birthday, hope u have a great day/night n get everything u wanted. xx

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    HTID_RAV3R_BAB3Y 3 March 2009

    - Sophiie_Louiise__x:
    Didn't say stop :)



    haha well txt e sometime then lol xxx

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