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My name iz Paige-Rianne cook!i am really 12 years old but...ssshhh!!i woz born on the 21st of febuary 1994 so not long till i'm 13 now,lol!!i have brown hait nd blue eyes. i have a bst m8 nd her name iz tasha mitchell we do loadza stuff 2gether!!
we go 2 the same skool 2gether 2!!which iz st.georges!!soo ello 2 all ma ppl out there!
i don't really like it there coz i hate work!!...who likes it?but it's kk!it's getting re-built at the mo!wait....oh know i just got pins' n needles in my foot!lol!!oh...now it's gone!thank god i totaly hate it when that happens!lol :) i have now got pretty bored of writing so xxxxxxbi pplxxxxxx :)

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paige-rianne cook
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england (Kent)
United Kingdom
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couch potato (Student)
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hi ppl!!wot iz everyone been up 2?
this iz my blog message nd i aint a clue wot 2 write!!
lol!! :)

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