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female - 26 years, hiding under your bed, United Kingdom
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About me

i wuff my gays ^_^

>>am better than you face it<<
>>look better FACT<<
>>am more loved than you deal with it>>
<<have every thing you want cant have it<<
>>am who you want to be tough shit <3<<
>>love being me

Everyone...Is a hippocrit[]Is a little bit racist some time[]Is a vit of a bitch[]Is a backstabber[]Is a bit to curious[]has to say sorry[]holds a grudge[]falls out ith friends[]makes friends with old enemys][screws up now and then]

unless you're a god like me

Rule 1 Fashion over function

(from the bibel of Jayson.S)


5 spoons of insane
+ 7 drops of bitch
+ many grate friends
+ a pinch of slut
+ 3 shakes of love
+ a little to much anger
+ a need for a fix
+ a touch of class
= me

More about me
N/ A
Date of birth
hiding under your bed (Orkney)
United Kingdom
Native language
Pirate/fashion guru (Student)
Looking for
  • Friendship
partying and arsing around with mates
Love status
I've been through a lot, I'm having a break
I fancy
Men and women

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20 June 2008

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