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female - 27 years, The Farm, Canada
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K well my Name is Kelly, Kellz whatever ya know but yeah I like spending time with my wifey Bunni cause she my bestfriend been through thick and thin lol :) I luff Techno cause itz wicked awesome ya know. . .im very tall like honestly i think im 6"0 but im not yet and i don't plan to be tsa, Like chillin with Da Bestfriends, Buddies whatever oh and my mom cause she's my everything mmm hmm. . . love anything that is purple and i like to curl my hair on somewhat days if i don't burn myself tsa. . . I workout every week trying to burn the Calories away and Carbs i've been to jenny craig lol just playn no i haven't but yeah im living healthy i guess and i like Cree country lol only sometimez haha love to carry my babyphat purse and yeah thats about it well yeah im very nice and friendly lol like to meet new people if they want to meet me Cha well thats it for now +Smile 4 me+ :)

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Kellz Firstrider
Date of birth
The Farm (Alberta)
Native language
computers and SMILES ahaha i dk (Student)
Jamming to music and talking on my celly, being with the bestfriends, buddies whatever and beading
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I fancy

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oh well yeah Kelly here is like my younger sister so no guys mess alright jks lol well yeah just be nice thats all yeah Kel i luff ya <>*MWAH*<> laterz

posted by BunniGirl
27 September 2006

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yeah yeah

oh well i don't know what to say but i know is that im just in school being bored listening to some nb ridaz my fav lol yeah yeah just playin but yeah bunni left i don't know where she went and im waiting for jeremy to give my full throttle cause im …

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