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male - 25 years, Warsaw, United States
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My name is Rhea Flambeau im in a band "Public disturbance" i play the drums, um i like to skateboard an thats all...add me if u have msn you can add me an for bebo ... Rhea-Flambeau

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Rhea Flambeau
Date of birth
Warsaw (Illinois)
United States
Native language
Drums,skating. .not a (Student)
Drums an skateboarding
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In love
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Which profile pic u lookin at? urs ne way Rhea, i'll ttul

posted by lil_TIFFANY2006
7 November 2006

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take the servay bitches

1) What is your full name?

2) How close are We 1-10?

3) What do you think of Me?

4) Have We met in real life and do you want to?

5) How long have We known eachother?

6) Would you kiss Me?

7) What are three words that describe …

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